Innovation as a Method

The exhibition “Innovation as a Method”, organized within the Hermitage 20/21 project, will be a part of the cultural programme for the St Petersburg Economic Forum. The display will be opened in Manege of the Small Hermitage from May 24 till June 3.

The exhibition presents projects by artists who work with technological art, the Art & Science format, artificial intelligence, generative art and other current practices.

Dmitry Kawarga has constructed an object that is capable of translating a conceptual text into a palette of colours. Mish Most presents a canvas with a picture made by a drone following a sketch by the artist. An audio-visual performance by Stain gives an interpretation of the concept of discreteness, while an installation from the art group “Where the dogs run to” forces one to experience a sense of anxiety and fear of the future.
Konstantin Novoselov was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for the discovery of a new form of carbon – graphene. He is participating in the exhibition as the artist Kostya Novoselov and shows the process of scientific searching.

The exhibition will be presenting collaborations between artists and scientific laboratories for the first time. For example, as part of a joint project between Dmitry Gutov and the Russian Quantum Centre visitors will be able to imagine themselves as an ultra-cold atom within a quantum simulator, while the artist Pavel Pepperstein presents his collaboration with the KhimRar centre of high technologies.

Artists: Kevin Abosch (USA), Siebren Versteeg (USA), Dmitry Gutov (Russia), Dmitry Kawarga (Russia), Egor Kraft (Russia), Where Dogs Run (Russia), Kostya Novoselov (UK), Pavel Pepperstein (Russia), Daniel Rozin (USA), Martha Fiennes (UK), Björn Schülke (Germany), Misha Most (Russia), STAIN (Russia)

The exhibition curators are Dmitry Ozerkov and Victoria Kondrashova.
The organizers are the State Hermitage and RDI.Creative.
The creative partner is Vnesheconombank.
The exhibition is supported by the VEB Innovation Foundation.