24 -26.02.2017 — Il Ballo Del Culo — Dancing on the streets with Giant Ass

Ballo del Culo: Dancing on the streets with Giant Ass, approved by Tinto Brass! 

Join Captain Culo’s 499th  comic theater procession  to sing, dance & explore Renassaince Venice with Othello, Desdemona, Tiziano and the cream of the Serenissima. 

Live magic moments of the world-famous Carnival together with friends, artists and musicians from all over the world!

Participation is free of charge for everybody. Donate to obtain magic certificate, a pic with Culo, or his famous cookies (with Ginger!!). 

The procession will celebrate history of ever-extravagant Venice and El Culo (Ass, жопа), a wise and jovial character from Renaissance times which comes to rescue Venetians in times of trouble.

Relax, take the mask and let’s dance with it!