SAVINA GALLERY at Contemporary Istanbul

3D and Virtual Reality Art Pieces by Konstantin Khudyakov
will be shown at Booth B-108,
3-6 November, 2016


Mete Cad. Yeni Apt. No:10/11
34437 Taksim, İstanbul, Turkey

Konstantin Khudyakov (1945) is a contemporary media artist from Moscow, a fellow of the Russian Academy of Art, the founder and president of the MARS Center. More than 20 years ago, he was one of the first in Russia to start using digital technology to create his artworks. Khudyakov is a master of combining stereo-panels, collages made with the help of computer modelling techniques, and elements of virtual reality with classical media, primarily painting and photography.

Most of his works are dedicated to universal issues of public life and to the role of an individual person therein. Thus, the most famous of Khudyakov’s projects, Hotel Russia, was devoted to the aesthetics of soviet totalitarianism and to a utopian idea of perfection of human species; another major project, Deisus, was a chilling interpretation of traditional religious paintings.

In the epoch when digital technologies penetrate deeper and deeper into everyday life, Khudyakov is virtually looking for a method to embrace those into emotional communication as to prevent the history from moving along the pessimistic scenario that science-fiction writers were predicting through the 20th century.


Deep dive art, Contemporary art centre MARS, Moscow, Russia;
Cherry forty-fifth year, Airkraft Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia;
Deep dive art. Version 6, State art museum, Kazan, Russia;

Crystal skulls and magic mirrors, Contemporary art centre MARS, Moscow, Russia;
Deep dive art. Version 1, State Hermitage Museum in Vladivostok, Vladivostok, Russia;

Personal exhibition, CarreDore Gallery, Monte-Carlo, Monaco;
Lord’s Supper, Moscow Contemporary Art Biennial, Moscow, Russia;

High resolution art-2012, The Russian Academy of Art, Moscow, Russia;
Angels eye, Bratislava Art Centre, Bratislava, Slovakia;

Personal exhibition, CarreDore Gallery, Monte-Carlo, Monaco;
Personal exhibition, MIMI-FERST Gallery, New York, USA;

High resolution art, The Russian Academy of Art, Moscow, Russia;
Personal exhibition, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia;