Natan Pernick Notebook Paper As The Part Of New Now New York Auction By Phillips

Dear friends and art-lovers,

we are happy to announce the painting by Israeli artist
Natan Pernick Notebook Paper
as the part of New Now New York Auction 19 September 2017 by Phillips

Lot number 307


Natan Pernick (1980) was born in Kfar Mordechai moshav (a farming settlement), graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, spent 2 years in New York (from 2002 to 2004) as an assistant of Mark Kostabi, a well-known modernist famous for two things aside from the art itself, which are a virtually manufactory way of production of his art pieces and politically incorrect statements.

Pernick’s first appearance as a self-contained artist took place only five years after he had returned from the USA, in 2009, at the Artishock festival, a Tel Aviv festival of young art, and later the same year in the National Portrait Gallery of London, as part of BP Portrait Award. By this point he had become a hyperrealist artist, the visual precision of his images being raised to that of a photograph, but at the same time, the meagerness of the photorealism being overcome due to buildups of reflection.

Hyper-realistic portraits and Israeli desert landscapes comprised Pernick’s first solo exhibition, the Opening Statement (2010). These are somewhat different from his later works, but already a nearly Zen Buddhist sereneness and detachedness can be seen there, the one that was to manifest itself more prominently in the artist’s next project, Remains (2013), in which still-life paintings of wrinkled and wet pocketbooks, fritted plates and grimy spoons appeared for the first time.

The work auctioned is part of a series Remains that was shown twice (Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2013; Savina Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia, 2015)

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