Natan Pernick

Natan Pernick (1980) was born in Kfar Mordechai moshav (a farming settlement), graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, spent 2 years in New York (from 2002 to 2004) as an assistant of Mark Kostabi, a well-known modernist famous for two things aside from the art itself, which are a virtually manufactory way of production of his art pieces and politically incorrect statements.

Pernick’s first appearance as a self-contained artist took place only five years after he had returned from the USA, in 2009, at the Artishock festival, a Tel Aviv festival of young art, and later the same year in the National Portrait Gallery of London, as part of BP Portrait Award. By this point he had become a hyperrealist artist, the visual precision of his images being raised to that of a photograph, but at the same time, the meagerness of the photorealism being overcome due to buildups of reflection.

Hyper-realistic portraits and Israeli desert landscapes comprised Pernick’s first solo exhibition, the Opening Statement (2010). These are somewhat different from his later works, but already a nearly Zen Buddhist sereneness and detachedness can be seen there, the one that was to manifest itself more prominently in the artist’s next project, Remains (2013), in which still-life paintings of wrinkled and wet pocketbooks, fritted plates and grimy spoons appeared for the first time.



2015 – Semantics, Savina Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2013 – Remains, Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2010 – Opening Statement, Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel



2016 – Secret Art, Beit Mani, Tel Aviv, Israel
2016 – Fresh Paint, Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel
2016 – Levinsky Charityexhibition, Socca TLV, Tel Aviv, Israel
2015 – Art Olympia 2015, Tokyo, Japan
2015 – First Exhibition, Ada Project Space, Jerusalem, Israel
2015 – Last Exit, BAC Art Complex, Miami, Florida.
2015 – Portraits, Monmouth Museum, Lincroft, New Jersy
2015 – Hasalon, Art Cube Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
2015 – Swab Barcelona, Contemporary Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain
2014 – Dave Bown Project, 8th Semiannual Competition, online project
2014 – New Works, Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2014 – Project Berlin, Art Factory Projects, Berlin, Germany
2013 – The collectors choice, Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura, California
2013 – The Art Sprinter, Water Mill Square Gallery, Hamptons, New York
2013 – Open Exhibition, Cork Street Gallery, London, UK
2013 –, Grand Art Gallery, Haifa, Israel
2013 – Silent communication, Linus Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2013 – Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey
2012 – The shiff collection, Marina hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 – The first Annua”, Scottsdale Salon Of Fine Art, Scottsdale, Arizona
2011 – Arte Laguna Prize, Arsenale, Venice, Italy
2011 – Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Art, London, UK
2010 – The Road to Nowhere, Ashdod Art Museum, Ashdod, Israel
2009 – Artishok, Comfort 21 space, Tel Aviv, Israel
2009 – BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London, UK